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What about a City Wedding?

Times are a changing and a question I have been asking myself over the last few months on a regular basis is: What will our future weddings look like, will they be small and intimate or in large outdoor spaces?  We have all heard the phrase ‘we are living in uncertain times’ and my thoughts keep dashing forward to my vision of how weddings will be,  if we are to keep social gatherings to a minimum will we be looking for smaller more intimate venues or just the opposite, large outdoor spaces? I think both are really exciting and have lots of possibilities to be amazing. 

Lets focus on small and intimate weddings and look at city weddings. Now it might help if you think of your wedding like you would if you were planning a work event, in terms of logistics, you would have a huge choice of ceremony venues, plenty of hotels for guests, amazing restaurants for your reception and all within walking distance of each other……cities wow! 

City weddings have the potential to be some of the best weddings you will ever go to…..just think about it, you can have all of your most important people there without having to explain why you are not inviting mum's second cousin's neighbour!  Your best friends and your very close family… extra costs and no awkward conversations ……winner!    

Then there are the amazing photo opportunities, riversides, tree lined streets, industrial backgrounds, cobbled streets, town halls, river gardens, city parks….they really are endless.  Some of our coolest bride's wedding photographs are of brides who have embraced their city life and gone for it in the big smoke. 

Venues: if you are deciding between a civil ceremony or a church wedding this is one place where you will have plenty of options, churches, chapels, town halls, hotels, restaurants, sporting venues and even art galleries and museums.  If you want to find licensed venues in your area, just go to your local council website and they will have a full list, like this for Derby

The Dress: City chic can be interpreted so many different ways and often finding your venue will inspire your thoughts on what type of dress to go for, we have worked with some amazing brides who have wanted individual dresses for their unique day, we have done everything from punk, art deco, city romance to graffiti chic.

City hotels: These are always happy to have weekend guests and there are sometimes great deals to be had if you book for a couple of nights, your guests can always make it a mini city break!

Reception venues: Now here is one of the most exciting elements for me as I am a massive foodie and there are more rosetted, starred and recommended restaurants in cities than anywhere else….so you have a phenomenal choice! Both these websites are worth consulting before you make a final decision: 

If you are looking for a cheaper option, there are some amazing gastro pubs set within architectural gems, with luxurious interiors, this is a great example of just that: The Bedford

Don’t be afraid of change…..embrace it!  Let’s live our lives in a different way! Stay safe xx

See our City Weddings Pinterest board for more inspiration.

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