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Planning your wedding? …….find your Anchor!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Planning your wedding should be super fun and exciting for you and your partner, I have heard so many brides saying that they are really stressed out by the whole thing, especially during this difficult time. So to help you through I have a few tips to help and inspire you.

I always find that no matter what I’m planning I need inspiration and if like me you are quite a visual person you may find it really useful, like I do to have one object to build and centre your ideas around, I believe it gives me a good anchor to always refer back to. For me this really works whether its planning the interior for our house or planning my own wedding.

When I got married it was a little different to now, I used a mood board and spent hours trawling through loads of magazines and doing lots of cutting and sticking, but now that we have Pinterest its so much easier….and we love a bit of Pinterest!

My central anchor was my wedding dress, with every decision branching out from that. I used my wedding dress as my anchor because this was the first thing that I bought for my wedding, but it doesn’t have to be large items like your dress. It can be deciding on a relaxed loose foliage based wedding bouquet or a cake you have seen and absolutely fallen in love with its bright vibrant colours.

You just need to find that one thing that you adore, then you can start building a picture of your day. Once you have found that much loved item, decisions become so much easier and you will find that your path is clearer. From that one item you can often establish if your overall feel for your day is relaxed or more formal, in turn this will guide you on what type of wedding venue you are searching for.

Venue searches are also made so much more simple with google maps, you can set a search area and look for specific wedding venues within the area, once you have found your venue this acts as your secondary anchor to refer back to, when you're making any decision to do with your wedding always think ‘DOES THIS WORK WITH MY ANCHORS’.

When deciding on themes for our Pinterest boards I use this idea, so if you need more inspiration on how to use an anchor take a look at our themed Pinterest boards.

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