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Looking at 2023 and 2024 wedding dress trends

So many brides ask me what is my most popular and my favourite dress in the studio, but to be perfectly honest this changes from season to season (and sometimes day to day for me…..). I might sound fickle, but with so many amazing designs its very hard just to have one favourite! And every bride is so individual, so often there are different answers according to when the question is asked, but I'm always searching for the next bridal trend and always looking ahead to next years wedding dress fashions. So let me give you an overview of what wedding dress style brides will start to see in bridal boutiques and studios over the next year or so. We are starting to see lots of simple cut, clean looking designs with either a small amount of embellishment or none at all, which is great for our studio as we specialise in plainer, simple and timeless gowns.

1. Square & straight necklines

Square necklines and straight necklines are both hitting the bridal runways of London, Paris and New York and providing the ultimate chic and modern look, for the bride who doesn’t want fuss!

These sophisticated necklines are being paired with elegant long bridal gloves to give a very sharp and polished look for an edgy bride who wants a memorable look.

There are lots of beautiful fabrics coming through this season, which look clean elegant and move beautifully, old fashioned laces and heavy appliqué are certainly not being featured in 2023/24 bridal looks.

We are really enjoying the move towards sleeves (especially in the uk, with our unpredictable weather), balloon sleeves and off the shoulder sleeves are just two of our favourites in the studio, which both give a romantic look, to a very clean and elegant style dress.

2. Balloon Sleeves:

The detailing on these sleeves really enhance the dress, making the design coherent, like satin cuffs with pearl buttons to match the pearl buttons on the back of the wedding dress. This creates little interesting details within a collection.

3. Puff Sleeves

What an incredible statement sleeve! we feel like we have just jumped into a time machine and been transported back to the 70’s/80’s (which we LOVE) we are beside ourselves with excitement for these beautiful puff sleeves, they will certainly bring the drama to any wedding dress.

4. Asymmetry

Asymmetry is also a prevailing trend and it is here to mix things up and make us stop and think about how we wear certain pieces and where the tailoring of the garment/dress leads your eyes line.

Designers are placing details slightly off centre, not how you would normally expect to see them, its a beautiful design feature, which works so well and challenges our brains…we love that!

5. The Bow

Oh our gorgeous bows are so stylish and we are VERY obsessed with them! not only is it evident that designers are really enjoying using them on their dresses, but we are also seeing them on overskirts/ jumpsuits and in our accessory collections. Some of the overskirts are featuring oversized bow, which are great statements! (look out for more bow news in our next accessories blog)

6. Visible Corsets

Corsetry is something that has been gracing fashion for hundreds of years and the bridal design certainly isn’t shy of a few corset designs, however this year we are not hiding them away on the inside of our dresses, just using them for structure! this year they are becoming the stars of the show and being the main feature of the dress design for all to enjoy and admire! This beautiful bone work really shows off the elegant lines of a body.

7. Splits

Love them or hate them, splits is a wedding dress trend that are also gracing our catwalks and bridal boutiques, everything from a small side split to a sexy thigh split for dancing into the early hours of the morning! These sassy splits can always be added to your gown, by your seamstress if you have already chosen your dress but want a bit of extra sass!

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