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YES! Let's open the studio :)

Hurrah.…we are reopening! But as it should be, our priority is to make sure that we do this as safely as humanly possible! We want to make you feel as safe as we can, but still have a fantastic YES experience. Even though the studio may be bijoux there is plenty of space to be able to social distance.

Finding out what your style is before your appointment helps when you are at your appointment, so that you can try on as many gowns as you like! To do this we are doing our pre appointments via our Pinterest boards (set up a Pinterest appointment) or video on FaceTime or WhatsApp etc. this allows us to show you what gorgeous gowns we have in our studio and for you to share your style ideas, colours schemes and themes with us before your appointment.

We are leaving 72 hours between appointments, this means that each of our beautiful wedding dresses in the studio will be steamed and then in quarantine for that time, which means that our brides will be confident in a safe YES experience knowing that the dresses that you try on will not have been touched by anyone during that period.

We always love meeting your family and friends but unfortunately we can only allow 1 special guest per bride at this time, we do however have great Wifi so you can get as many friends and family involved as you would like on the end of a video call.

We will be asking both you and your guest to have your temperatures taken as you arrive with our non-contact thermometer before the appointment begins. We are also asking you to wear your own face mask at all times (we do have disposable masks if you haven’t got your own). We have also stocked up on disposable gloves and hand sanitiser which will be available at all times to you.

In the Yes studio we only have 1 fitting room, so you will have the whole studio to yourself, rest assured you will not come into contact with any other bridal party. The fitting room is very spacious and airy, with a window that will be open to allow fresh air circulation. We will do everything we possibly can to ensure your safety and we are super excited to be reopening and helping you find your dream dress in as safe an environment as possible.

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Lets re-cap the key changes to the appointment:

  • Pre appointments and Pinterest boards before physical appointment

  • One to one private appointment, so you have the whole studio to yourself

  • 72 hours between appointments, so you can try on as many gowns as you like.

  • 3 day dress quarantine between appointments

  • 1 guest per bridal appointment

  • Great wifi, Zoom, FaceTime, WhatApp so you can get your family and friends involved.

  • Non-contact thermometer, we are just being extra careful because your safety is vital

  • Masks to be worn at all times

  • Gloves and hand sanitiser are available at all times

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